Underwater fashion is a fast changing market.  There has never been more interest in been involved in an underwater shoot, capturing beautiful images in an environment that is not normally associated with anything but graceful and photogenic.  The challenge is to capture impossible poses, freezing time and images to take your breath away.


Shooting underwater fashion since 2014, Tim has spent many 100's of hours in the water, perfecting looks and techniques which take away the guess work away from whether a shoot will work or not.  Tim has been a diver for over 10 years, so is more than comfortable giving briefings to prospective models before the shoot.


The process begins with a dry briefing, which is done an hour or so before the shoot.  You go through your worries and fears, describe what will happen and the plan for the day.


At no point in the shoot will you ever be in water that you can not comfortably stand up in.  Most of the pools that Tim uses are all around a meter deep, which means the water will come to somewhere between your waist and your chest.

You will be taken through recommended breathing techniques and you will be given tips on how you can hold your breath for longer whilst still maintaining a natural relaxed expression.


Props, accessories and outfits.

When it comes to choosing an outfit for an underwater fashion shoot you need to think from the base upwards.  All the pools are heated to a comfortable temperature (they are public pools normally used for swimming) so the base should be an appropriate swimming outfit (swim shorts for men and swimming costume for women).  Choose the colour carefully as depending on what is been worn on top you may be able to see the swimming costume through it.  Black or white swim outfits are normally best choice.

The clothing that you wear that will be seen for the shoot is best if its a light material such as cotton or similar.  The reason been that the lighter the material the more it will move in the water allowing graceful flowing lines which will further enhance your images.

Accesories that have worked well in the past have included rubber ducks (punctured and flooded to make them suspend in the water) underwater toys, hats, chunky necklaces, laptops (obviously a broken laptop / phone as they don't handle water very well - sounds obvious but I have to put it to cover myself)

Tim Los has been a professional photographer and videographer for over 10 years in the Yorkshire area including; York, Leeds, Harrogate, Castleford, Middlesborough, Skipton and the Dales.  You should expect impeccable style, a laugh and a joke to help you relax instantly, to have fun and to capture  memories that will last forever


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